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The first All Nighter at Wigan Casino was in September 1973 and there were Friday evening sessions from 8-11 that under 18's could go to. The Casino was a shabby old fashioned ballroom with a huge dance floor and a balcony tier running round three sides. It had a stage area too. Being well under 18 with anxious parents, I went to the Friday sessions which were less frenetic but still exciting Jan 10, 2015 - SOUL SOURCE - I remember a guy from Wigan 78ish who I bought a chapter 5 issue from with no centre, the record was massive at the time, cant even remember ho... Soundtrack DVD Extras DVD-1 – No Artist: Actor James Lance Interviews Elaine Constantine - Director Of Northern Soul: The Film: DVD-2 – No Artist: Audio Interview With Richard Searling, Original Wigan Casino DJ Tony Palmer's Wigan Casino film comes to DVD Originally shown on peak-time ITV over 23 years ago, this time-capsule documentary about the 1970s northern soul scene is still captivating today Steve First off it's important to note that there are two versions of this album, the first a single disc just showcasing 27 tracks featured in the film Northern Soul, the second adding an extra CD including music that inspired the film and a bonus DVD with two features - an interview with the film's director Elaine Constantine and an audio interview with original Wigan Casino DJ Richard Searling Here are the top 20 most popular Northern Soul songs, as compiled by Wigan Casino DJ Kev Roberts from fan surveys. 01. of 20 'Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)' by Frank Wilson. This is the only single Wilson recorded, and just 250 copies were made, most of which were destroyed. A decade later a copy surfaced and the enthusiastic reaction encouraged Motown to rerelease the song. 02. of 20 'Out on Northern Soul: The Film: Soundtrack (Original Soundtrack) There are photos of the Wigan Casino and dancers/listeners (packed!),and reproductions of ads for these all nighters. This compilation follows the other three in giving an overview of the music that was popular in this club/area in the early seventies,when this type of music was at its peak of popularity. The DJ would spin 45's all A FOND glance at the time when Wigan Casino was the centre of the soul music world. By Allan Hunter. PUBLISHED: 14:14, Tue, Oct 21, 2014. 0 Link copied. Northern Soul offers a glimpse into the The Wigan Casino had closed in 1981, and despite regular meets in Rotherham and Stafford for the staunchest keepers of the faith, there was a sense that the original movement had entered a decade Surely there is only one man who could make the movie 'Wigan Casino' maybe Butlins would be up for funding it. Edited October 28, 2014 by Chris Waterman. soul source url Social source share. Drewtg 511 Posted October 28, 2014. Drewtg . Members; 314 posts; Share; Posted October 28, 2014. Personally I have been into the soul scene for well over 30 years and have no interest in a film about Wigan

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