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DilettanteTunesmith's Ridiculously Extra Mega List of the First Half Of 2018

Alright, I apologize in advance for the wall of text, but these are all 235 albums I've heard this year, and since the ranking gets a little fast and loose near the middle, I'm going to split them into more or less ranked groups that might give you a better idea of how I feel about them. I'll have short blurbs for the Top 5, Bottom 5, and 8 select albums in between that I think have been underrated or maybe deserve more attention (these albums will be bolded and italicized for emphasis).
BEST (Top 25):
Every song on here is great and the themes and lyrics are timely, thoughtful, and nuanced; any political statements never come off as preachy or trite, but are still given plenty of urgency. It's catchy as hell and has plenty of singability (I don't think that's a word, but still). It never really feels samey, with many songs differing stylistically from each other, but it doesn't ever get too disparate and always feels very "Parquet Courts" to me. It's just very solid, and it's probably the album I've revisited, and will revisit, the most so far this year.
Pop perfection! Funky jams that often belie darker messages (such as the Obama administration's use of drone bombings in the Middle East on MAH, domestic abuse on Incidental Boogie, the abuse of power by men in authority on Pearly Gates), this album never lets up. On its surface, it's a very fun listen, and if that's all you're here for, then that's fine, but there's plenty to enjoy for those looking for a deeper listening experience too.
A continuance of last year's A Crow Looked At Me, another intense, unflinching and wonderful album from Phil Elverum, with an expanded sonic palette. While still very vulnerable and autobiographical, where A Crow Looked At Me was stark and unflinchingly focused, this album has a lot more expanse. I've come back to this one a lot more often than A Crow Looked At Me as well.
Funky, cohesive, and immerisive! Her voice is amazing and the instrumentation and production are great. Feels very retro, but still very fresh. Catchy choruses galore.
Underrated for sure! I really hope this doesn't go under anyone's radar, because it's fantastic. A sprawl of an album with a cinematic feel at times, based around the concept of what happens when you lose all your memories that has parallels loss of meaning in the information age. Lots of references shared between songs, lyrically and musically. Gorgeous instrumentation and melodies. Please don't miss out on this.
Their first in 5 years and first with new vocalist Joanna Delos Reyes, Dirt is a brutal and epic narrative album that draws from Haudenosaunee and Buddhist themes, and is a genre-fluid experience that draws from prog, punk, and Indigenous American music, among others.
At times woozy and off-kilter, this album, whose name translates to "microsleep" and refers to that split second of sleep where you accidentally drift off and wake up suddenly again, definitely fits the description of its name. It is at once soothing, yet jarring and strange, and its unique, genre-blending, electronic atmosphere leaves a haunting impression that is unique among all other albums I've heard this year.
A ripper of an emo album, Ryann Slausen's screams are brutal and the instrumentation is great to match. I've returned to this one quite often. Solid, solid debut, can't wait to hear more from them.
A powerful debut LP from hardcore punk outfit HIRS Collective. Featuring appearances from Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace, Screaming Females' Marissa Paternoster, Garbage's Shirley Manson, G.L.O.S.S' Sadie Switchblade and others, Friends. Lovers. Favorites. is punishing in sound and is a fantastically powerful love letter to the LGBTQ+ community.
While many of you are probably aware of this album, since I know there's some overlap between here and /indieheads, this is a lovely ambient album from user god_is_ender with a rich palette of sounds and gorgeous melodies. Love it.
A very pretty, melodic vaporwave album that I haven't seen given much critical attention. Doesn't break a lot of new ground, sure, but the melodies and textures are very nice, and a couple of the tracks from this I've had on repeat for a while (title track, Viginia Slims).
A fun, brass-centric, funk pop album, while I liked the album, it's honestly even better live If anything, that's maybe my one gripe, is that the album doesn't quite capture how fun they are in person. Saw them open for Blues Traveler and honestly, they showed them up. Went with my gf to see them on their recent headlining tour. They put on a great show with an irresistible charm that you have to dance to. Keep a watch on these guys.
A fun album to check out if you're into JRPGs at all, this is a soundtrack to a game that does not exist and was created entirely on the Roland SC88.
Just not a lot to come back to here. I mean, Nice For What boinks in the auto but that's about it. I guess 8 Out Of 10 was good, but then that outro at the end kind of annoyed me, tbh. Not really a hot take I guess, but for as long as it is, there really were not a lot of good returns on this.
This is where I actively start disliking albums. I honestly don't really have a lot of albums I don't like this year, or to be honest any year. I generally just don't listen to any albums I think I will dislike, what's the point of it? (except for the last one on here, and that's mostly because I figured it would at least be, I don't know maybe enjoyably shitty?) And I'm probably more lenient or easy to please when it comes to music. So I guess the reason I disliked this one so much is just because of how much of a MASSIVE disappointment it was. I was so stoked that one of my favorite bands from my metalcore days was reuniting, and with the original lineup no less! I'm still a big fan of A Boy Brushed Red... and especially Define The Great Line. I loved the sonic risks that Underoath took later on in their career, and they were always still super catchy. Here? No risks, no catchiness. Nothing fun. It's not even really metalcore, just harder and louder buttrock. Not that a stylistic change is inherently bad, but like... something has to come of it yeah? And low-stakes albums aren't always bad either, but it's so simple AND boring that it just feels like it lacks any substance.
I dunno, after this one, I had to go back and relisten to Autechre to remind myself that I don't hate IDM. Just very samey, soundwise, IMO, and not a lot about the arrangements interested me or stuck with me.
The musical equivalent of combining every soda at the soda fountain. Personally, I think Fall Out Boy has not transitioned into pop as gracefully as similar bands like Panic! At The Disco or Paramore have.
Just... some of the dumbest lyrics this year and the strangest aesthetic and production choices. I thought maybe it would be a fun kind of shitty, like The Room or Troll 2. But nah, it was just regular kind. Just, a track that sounds like a hymn about flannel shirts? After hearing Jessica Biel talk about wearing his shirts like its his skin? The line "If I take it too far, that's okay because you know I hear the making up's fun" is kinda giving me rapey vibes. And "There's the faucet" has to be the least sexy thing I can think of. "Beautiful boy, got it from your momma; Damn, she look good, you might get a sister"? Is he singing to his son about how much he wants to do his mom? Jesus. I could go on but I won't cause I guess it's too easy of a target but Good God. I don't know how it could get worse.
I guess that pretty much wraps up my list week contribution, feel free to ask me how I feel about any of these that I haven't addressed! Cheers :)
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HOT PINK MUSIC concert Victory Casino Cruises Real Walk Thru of the Ship 2019 ... Victory Casino Cruises Walk Thru of the Ship Hot Pink live @ Surfer's Pub (before they got BIG) Best Fried Chicken In Cocoa Beach & Cape Canaveral is Larry's Chicken Shack Sterling Cruise Cape Canaveral Hot Pink on Victory Casino Cruises Port Canaveral singing ...

Aktivitäten in der Nähe von Victory Casino Cruises. Big Norm's Club V; Slightly Obsessed Fishing Charters; Pushing Limits Fishing Charters; Jetty Park; Central Florida Sportfishing Charters; Cape Canaveral Transportation; Sea Leveler Sport Fishing Charters;; All Water Adventures; Time and Tide Tours; Cocoa Beach Helicopters ... Here’s everything you get with this Cocoa Beach Guys’ Gambling Weekend Victory Casino package: Two victory casino fun package passes, which include boarding, dinner, $10 slot play with qualified play and free drinks while gaming, $50 Visa Gift Card, entertainment and a free victory casino shuttle service from hotel to ship. And, of course, your 2 Night Hotel Stay at a 4-Star Oceanfront Resort. Visit Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures, an aerial adventure park with dozens of fun and challenging obstacles. After a short “ground school” lesson to learn proper form and technique, it’s off to the ropes course, which includes suspension bridges, wide balance beams, tunnels, zip lines, balancing logs, monkey bars, and more. Make your way through all three levels of the course, with ... Visit Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures, an aerial adventure park with dozens of fun and challenging obstacles. After a short “ground school” lesson to learn proper form and technique, it’s off to the ropes course, which includes suspension bridges, wide balance beams, tunnels, zip lines, balancing logs, monkey bars, and more. Make your way through all three levels of the course, with ... SIGN UP FOR PROMOTIONS AND UPCOMING EVENTS. Join Now. About Us; Gaming; Events; Victory Card; Groups; Transportation Casino Gambling Cocoa Beach. Cruise to Victoryaboard a Victory Casino Cruise and enjoy the best Casino gambling in Cocoa Beach! Las Vegas style casino gambling is closer than you may think. Discover for yourself everything that Victory Casino Cruises casino gambling day cruises have to offer with one of our day or evening cruises in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Whether on a vacation getaway or a ... When you need a night to re-charge after a long week, Cape Canaveral's Victory Casino Cruises has just the casino for you.Easy parking is accessible for Victory Casino Cruises' customers. Ready to try your hand at a variety of exciting games? Plan your visit to Victory Casino Cruises in Cape Canaveral today. Cocoa Beach, Florida family vacation guide, cocoa beach hotels, vacation rentals, cocoa beach restaurants, entertainment, surf report, deep sea fishing, saltwater ... Cocoa Beach Flugabenteuer Ticket 130 Bewertungen Der Luft-Abenteuer-Park wird den Gast in der Luft auf 45-Fuß-Stöcken aussetzen, während er sich durch 49 einzigartige Herausforderungen und 7 100'-Ziplines in einem Baldachin aus schönen lebenden Eichenbäumen navigiert. Visit Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures, an aerial adventure park with dozens of fun and challenging obstacles. After a short “ground school” lesson to learn proper form and technique, it’s off to the ropes course, which includes suspension bridges, wide balance beams, tunnels, zip lines, balancing logs, monkey bars, and more. Make your way through all three levels of the course, with ...

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CocoLocos Band Cocoa Beach Florida - Duration: 2:32. av8n2 Recommended for you. 2:32. Hot Pink on Victory Casino Cruises Port Canaveral singing House of the Rising Sun - Duration: 2:30. ... Larry's Chicken Shack is located next to the Victory Casino in Port Canaveral, Florida. 102 Christopher Columbus Drive, Port Canaveral - 321-868-7101. Category Travel & Events; Show more Show less ... Victory Casino Cruise Ship Tour - Duration: 10:35. Florida Streaming 1,906 views. 10:35. Slot Machines - How to Win and How They Work - Duration: 10:00. americancasinoguide Recommended for you. 10 ... Join us for a full Victory #Casino Cruises from Cape Canaveral Port Florida USA real walkthrough 2019. #victorycruises Starting with the bus at Florida Mall ... Victory Casino Cruises Real Walk Thru of the Ship 2018 Orlando Florida Trip - Duration: 6:42. ... The Cocoa Beach Life 2,381 views. 4:28. Cape Canaveral Fishing - Duration: 10:00. StealthCroft ... Hot Pink performed for the first time on Victory Casino in Port Canaveral Friday night, April 3rd. Here they perform House of the Rising Sun which was made f... Hot Pink Performing on Victory Casino Cruises In Port Canaveral Florida ... VictoryCasinoCruises 771 views. 7:35. Cocoa Beach Pier Live Westgate Cocoa Beach Pier 14 watching. Live now; Play Me ...