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[WTS] 1969 Rolex Submariner - Meters-first, "kissing 4" **reduced**

Repost with some new images, lower price.
Rolex Submariner, 5513 (2.1xxxxx, from 1969). Meters-first, matte-black dial, with the fat font "kissing 4" markers on the bezel. Creamy yellow patina, all matched up. Missing pip, small chips in bezels, but otherwise pretty suave.
Images! Proof!
A little backstory (old news for those that read the original post): This was purchased in Nassau, the Bahamas, in 1970. My dad apparently had a killer day spearfishing, got all liquored up, and then had a killer night in the casino. He went straight away and purchased this watch. He wore it for a while, then kind of just stopped and hung on to it. I don't ever remember him wearing it, nor does my mother. He claims he can't remember ever taking it for service. I came into the watch recently, and I'm here to pass it on. Don't try to tell me not to.
I took it to Chris watch here in Chicago, he said it was good to wear. Noted it was still fairly well-lubricated and remained waterproof, though it would benefit from a service for serious wear.
Located in Chicago, willing to do face-to-face. Otherwise prefer Paypal from verified source. I will pay shipping within continental US, don't want to do anything international.
Asking $9000 $8650 net to me, OBO.
Let me know if you have any questions.
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[Event] But Who's Gonna Have Your Back When It's All Done

Leader of the Opposition Philip "Brave" Davis, toured the Port Lucaya Market on Grand Bahama, dismayed at what he saw.
"Freeport, Lucaya, all of Grand Bahama island is suffering under the Minnis Administration. Under the PLP, the Freeport Incentive Act stimulated the growth of somewhere outside of Nassau for once. Of course it was one of the immediate act of the FNM to revoke the endeavor, crippling the growth of the nation outside of New Providence. The loss of the FIA has led to the withering of the Grand Bahamas economy. Companies like the GB Shipyard have taken their money elsewhere. Trade in the straw markets has all but dried up. The agreement on the purchase of the Lucaya Resort has fallen through on the watch of the FNM. The market is in dismal conditions, the casino is closed. It is like the FNM doesn't want Grand Bahamas to continue recovery from Hurricane Matthew like the PLP did. Under Perry Christie and the PLP the Grand Bahamas was prospering and growing. We were all but set to rebuild and regrow everywhere. From the resorts to the casinos, from the markets to the port. The PLP had an agreement with Carnival to break ground on a new cruise port, bringing tourism and growth to the island. One year later where are we? Not a shovel of ground has been broken. What is the Minnis Administration doing I ask you? Nothing. Remember this.
Davis continued his tour of the island, visiting Freeport, Lucaya, Eight Mile Rock, and West End. His message resonating in all of these, where the economy had lagged behind that of Nassau, where the promises of the Minnis Administration did not seem to catch up with reality. West End in particular continued to struggle, with the closure and collapse of much of its economy with the loss of the West End Marina.
Though elections were not for another few years in 2022, it was clear that under the leadership of "Brave" Davis the PLP was not going to let their stinging loss in the last election stand. Davis and the other three remaining opposition Senators kept up efforts, with a clear focus on visiting a number of the Family Islands and Grand Bahama, though the real political fight as always will take place on New Providence and in Nassau itself.
Later that week PM Minnis fired back at his Opposition counterpart.
"Our vision for the Grand Bahamas is to transition it to the technological hub of the Caribbean. This technology hub would serve the Bahamas and the greater region, bringing jobs, money, and sustainable growth to the entire island. The PLP would have the Bahamas stuck in the past in an ever evolving world."
He also refuted Davis' claim that the purchasing agreement on Lucaya Resort had collapsed, labeling the statements of the Opposition Leader as false and untrue.
Opposition takes hits at the Prime Minister and his administration on economically hamstringing or ignoring the regions not on New Providence.
PM Minnis hits back by promising to make the Grand Bahamas a technology hub of the country and the region. Refutes other claims made by Davis.
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The four largest conglomerates in my world (Earth-0 and Earth-1).

Earth-0 is our world but in the future and Earth-1 is a subset of it based around the Caribbean basin. (Note that the Earth-0 and Earth-1 versions of each corporation have minimal contact with one another being in parallel universes)
The Marionette Cos.
Place of foundation: Florida. Headquarters are in Tallahassee (Earth-0) and Nassau (Earth-1).
Corporate type: 10% publicly traded, 90% owned by various Amerindian and Afro-Indigenous communities, with a large chunk owned by the Seminoles of Florida and the Afro-Seminoles of the Bahamas. The name reflects the high level of discipline that they have over their enterprises even though they are in many different fields.
Seminole Wind Hospitality: A massive global hotel, restaurant, and casino franchise based on Native North American cultures and traditions.
Sewin Portland: Real estate development. Very influential in settling outlying areas of Earth-1.
Sewin Tradiciones: Major record label specializing in traditional folk and Latin music.
Sewin Solutions: Pharmaceutical and food giant.
Méga: Large-format operator of department stores, furniture stores, and food halls. Famous for its steak-frites.
Navarre Bank (aka Banco Navarra) - 49% stake: Largest bank in the world, based in Boston and Madrid (Earth-0) and San Juan (Earth-1).
Caballero: Manufacturer of automobiles. Formerly made highly unsafe pickups and SUVs and still sells those in Earth-0, in spite of frequent, unexplained fires and lawsuits. Most popular makes and models are Grand Caballero (SUV, Earth-0 only), Copper Caballero (pickup, Earth-0 only), and Caballero Durazno.
Denisse: Clothing retailer and manufacturer, mainly operating in Hispanophone and Lusophone markets.
Seorae Industries
Place of foundation: Seoul, Beijing, Tokyo (equal merger of three companies). Headquarters are in Seoul (Earth-0) and Panama City/Eurasia Bay (Earth-1). Seorae took the name of the smaller partner, a Korean chaebol, because of scandals involving the Japanese and Chinese partners in the merger.
Corporate type: 60% worker-owned cooperatives, 30% family-owned chaebol, 5% state-owned, 5% publicly traded.
Seorae Automotive and Rickshaw: Manufacturer of electric automobiles, buses, trains, motorcycles, and bicycles/bike rickshaws. Most popular marks are the Seorae Symphony (sedan), Seorae Concerto (trishaw), and the Seorae Orchestra (sedan)
Hannara Grill: Chain of steakhouses, bars, and breweries serving American, European, and Korean cuisine.
Seorae Bank (formerly Bank of Eurasia): Fifth-largest bank in the world, formerly based in Russia.
Seorae Steel: Chinese state-owned enterprise that was partially privatized and acquired by Seorae.
Seorae Media (formerly Satoh): Telecommunications and IT enterprise, formerly Japanese-based.
Seoul Music: Record label specializing in Korean and Japanese music (not active in Earth-1).
Sound of Asia: Record label specializing in East Asian, South Asian, and Indo-Caribbean music (not active in Earth-0).
Verdigris Hoteles: Ecologically-minded hotel chain owned in joint venture with the governments of Costa Rica and Cuba.
Exagon FFC Ventures
Place of foundation: Durham, NC, USA. Currently based in San Francisco/Rotterdam (Earth-0) and the US Virgin Islands (Earth-1).
Corporate type: 10% publicly-traded, 90% owned by a public benefit company. Company grew out of a family fun and entertainment pizza chain whose animatronics gained sentience and decided to focus on helping people. They appear to have connections to both Heaven and Hell dimensions and combine energies and parts from humans, animals, and machines, hence the six-sided logo. Very strict corporate code of ethics aims to subvert any chances of them becoming a cyberpunk nightmare.
Family Fun Centers: Bland name, sure, but it's where they started.
VAZ: Manufacturer of automobiles, buses, and trains. Formerly headquartered in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. Most popular models are the Vaz Slavia (sedan) and the Vaz Cossack (moped).
Kenny's: 24/7 restaurant and bar chain.
Friendlies S.A.: Provides unarmed, friendly animatronics for use in caregiving, rescue, and security. Their charter prohibits the use of animatronics to harm people.
Ex Vida: Pharmaceutical and medical company. Specializes in harvesting soul-energy ("qi") and using it to preserve consciousness after death.
SpringTrust: Commercial real estate, focusing on apartments and retail.
XPress: Publishing and media house.
Romulus Enterprises
Place of foundation: Baltimore. Currently based in Rome (Earth-0) and New Kingston, Jamaica (Earth-1).
Corporate type: 25% family-owned, 75% publicly traded. Founded by Junius Wilkins (born Abdullah Ma'lik Wilkins in 2019), a Southwest Philly singer and former rapper who was taken in by an animatronic wolf at age 6 after his dad, a convert to Sufi Islam, was stabbed to death by radical Southeast Asian Buddhists. Wilkins has noticed the similarities between his origins and those of the founders of Rome and admits to being obsessed with Classical antiquity.
Romulus Records: The largest record label in both Earth-0 and Earth-1.
Forum Bank: Sixth-largest bank in Earth-1 and eighth in Earth-0.
Ex Libris: Publishing and mass media.
Empire Telcom: Telecommunications.
Plato's Beauty World: Fashion chain for women.
Ventresca: Italian-inspired men's clothing.
Howell's: Fast-food restaurants.
Laureate: Property development, especially focusing on retail and mixed-use.
Nana Consumer Products - 35% stake: Tractors, bicycle and motor rickshaws, and some automobiles. Formerly based in Jaisalmer, India. Most popular models are the Nana Tridev (trishaw), Nana Tridev2+ (motor rickshaw), and the Nana Nirvana (sedan).
The Southampton Companies: Home décor company focusing on "Hamptons" inspired design.
La Concordia: General retailer mainly operating in Hispanophone markets.
Fitzpatricks Hospitality: Hotel chain, previously based in Ireland.
Fitzpatricks Beer: Brewery.
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Atlantis Paradise Island Nassau Bahamas - YouTube Crystal Palace demolition / Nassau Bahamas - YouTube Nassau BAHAMAS NIGHTLIFE (100% Not What I expected ... Atlantis Casino Walkthrough ( Nassau, Bahamas ) - YouTube Nassau, Bahamas  Walking Tour - YouTube Atlantis Resort Bahamas Casino Walk Through. - YouTube Nightlife and Casinos in Nassau Paradise Island - YouTube Bahamas Scene Casino Royale HD - YouTube

Best Casino Hotels in Nassau on Tripadvisor: Find 5,559 traveler reviews, 5,254 candid photos, and prices for casino hotels in Nassau, Bahamas. Having just returned from Cable Beach- Nassau Bahamas I must say that it a great experience. From the casino, grounds , music and overall atmosphere this is a great vacation. We were there Monday through Saturday. Restaurants are constantly improving although pricey. We have come to know the area and recommend that you explore the local ... Baha Mar Casino brings exciting and dynamic slots action to Nassau, with over 1,100 of the newest machines to please every type of player. Choose from standard reels, video reels, progressives, video poker, and electronic table games ranging from $0.01 to $100. West Bay Street at Cable Beach Wyndham Nassau Resort, Nassau 33312 New Providence. Webseite +1 242-327-6200 . Das Beste in der Umgebung. 40 Restaurants in einer Entfernung von maximal 0,5 km. 32 Weitere Sehenswürdigkeiten im Umkreis von 0,5 km. Crabs and Ting (268) 1 Min. € Karibisch. Hooters Bahamas (81) 9 Min. €€ - €€€ Amerikanisch. Bahamian Cookin' Restaurant & Bar (423) 10 Min ... Crystal Palace Casino, Nassau. Karibik ; Bahamas ; New Providence ; Nassau ; Sehenswürdigkeiten und Aktivitäten in Nassau ; Crystal Palace Casino; Suchen. Crystal Palace Casino – geschlossen . 76 Bewertungen. Leider sind an den von Ihnen gewählten Daten keine Touren oder Aktivitäten verfügbar. Bitte geben Sie ein anderes Datum ein. Crystal Palace Casino – geschlossen. 76 Bewertungen ... One Baha Mar Boulevard, Nassau New Providence. Webseite +1 242-788-8888. E-Mail. Das Beste in der Umgebung . 27 Restaurants in einer Entfernung von maximal 0,5 km. 5 Weitere Sehenswürdigkeiten im Umkreis von 0,5 km. Daiquiri Shack (234) 7 Min. € Jazz Bar (113) 1 Min. €€ - €€€ Bar. Cleo Mediterraneo (288) 2 Min. €€€€ Mediterran. Alle anzeigen. The Daiquiri Shack (232) 7 Min ... One Baha Mar Boulevard, Nassau New Providence. Webseite +1 242-788-8888. E-Mail. Das Beste in der Umgebung . 27 Restaurants in einer Entfernung von maximal 0,5 km. 5 Weitere Sehenswürdigkeiten im Umkreis von 0,5 km. Daiquiri Shack (234) 7 Min. € Jazz Bar (113) 1 Min. €€€€ Bar. Cleo Mediterraneo (288) 2 Min. €€€€ mediterran. Alle anzeigen. The Daiquiri Shack (232) 7 Min. Bars ...

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Atlantis Paradise Island Nassau Bahamas - YouTube

This is a short tour from the cruise ship we were on, the Carnival Splendor after it docked in Nassau Bahamas. We took a water taxi over to Paradise Island a... Hello Nassau BAHAMAS NIGHTLIFE (100% Not What I expected !!! ) iam_marwa , welcome to my Youtube channel , i hope you have enjoyed this video. #PayPal ; s... Nassau, Bahamas Walking TourNassau is the capital of the Bahamas. It lies on the island of New Providence, with neighboring Paradise Island accessible via ... Here's a quick look at the famous Atlantis in the Bahamas. One of the most well known luxury vacation spots in the world! Video from Kevin B Your after-hours options on Nassau Paradise Island are endless. And exciting. Maybe you'll want to begin by taking in a sunset at happy hour in a casual beac... About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... TM & © MGM (2006)